Raptors Center Jonas Valančiūnas Calls Summer League ‘F!$%ed’ In An Interview With DeMar DeRozan On The Team’s Website

  • Zach Berger

The Toronto Raptors sent star reporter (and occasional shooting guard) DeMar DeRozan to the NBA Summer League to do some hard-hitting interviews with fellow players. One such interview was with Toronto’s Lithuanian center, Jonas Valančiūnas, otherwise known as JV because nobody is ever going to pronounce that right. (I feel terrible for the Raptors’ PA announcer.)

The interview includes an f-bomb and some very sarcastic answers. Without further ado…

The video was originally posted on the Raptors’ website earlier this morning before they removed it. Somebody saw this footage, edited it, and thought it would be a good idea to publish it. And now we can listen to JV call his experience in the summer league “fucked” for the rest of time (or until the NBA slaps a copyright claim on the YouTube video.)