Rasheed Wallace, Agent Of Basketball Justice, Yells “Ball Don’t Lie!” After Austin Rivers Misses A Free Throw

  • Dylan Murphy

Rasheed Wallace likes to yell. And talk, and run, and pout and earn technical fouls. But it’s all rather fun and he’s quite a good player, even at the ripe old age of 38, so his behavior is tolerated, if not enjoyed. Last night, his New York Knicks played the New Orleans Hornets, and Sheed, as per usual, found an opportunity to yell.

Through a switch, Austin Rivers found himself one-on-one with Wallace. With a brief hesitation and explosion to the basket, a flat-footed Wallace was completely beaten. But Wallace, cagey big man that he is, swiped at the ball, clearly fouling Rivers and nearly giving him the and one. But when Rivers missed the first free throw, Wallace emphatically and triumphantly yelled “Ball Don’t Lie!” It don’t, Rasheed. Ever. No foul.

Bethlehem Shoals, former head man over at the now defunct but wildly popular Free Darko blog and writer of all things basketball, had an interesting suggestion:

Dan Devine, as you may or may not know, writes for Ball Don’t Lie, Yahoo!’s basketball blog.

Now that would just be precious.

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