Rasheed Wallace Is Waiting For You

  • Glenn Davis

“And guys, you see right here that when we messed up that switch, we gave them a great uncontested look, and… sorry, I… I just feel like we’re being watched? Is it just me? I feel like… wait a second… I feel someone’s presence… it’s just uncomfortable in here… I… THERE HE IS NOOOOOOOOOOO”

Sheed is waiting. Sheed is always waiting. The above image comes via @netw3rk… as does this gif that gives the situation a bit more context, but not nearly enough to ruin it. If anything, the fact that Sheed’s expression never changes enhances the moment. There is much to love about this horror movie villain incarnation of Sheed. But could it work in an actual horror flick? netw3rk dubbed the above photo “The Sheeding,” which led us to think: what if you replaced Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining with Rasheed Wallace? Well… heeeeeeere’s Sheedy:

Not bad. But how about a different horror film – a classic about, say, birds?

Two for two! And finally, one that didn’t quite garner the same acclaim as the other two, but we really couldn’t resist. Why?

Because call don’t lie.