If The Basket Were 20 Feet In The Air Directly Above Raymond Felton’s Head, He Would’ve Drained This Shot

  • Dylan Murphy

Raymond Felton can’t seem to get it together when he plays the Nets. In his two games against Brooklyn thus far this season, he has shot a combined 6-31, scored 16 points and turned the ball over 12 times. In the final minutes of last night’s nail-biter, Felton came off of a Tyson Chandler screen and pulled up for a jumper. Except the ball didn’t go towards the basket, per se – it just kind of went, uh, up.

You’ll notice that exactly no one touched Felton on his way up, so chalk this one up to Dorito-fingers. And the Knicks won the game 100-97 on a Jason Kidd three-pointer anyway, so all’s well that ends well.