Portland Fans Do Not Take Kindly To Being Deprived Of Taco Bell

  • Glenn Davis

The Trail Blazers beat the Hornets in Portland last night, 99-93. In that sense, the home crowd left the Rose Garden feeling good. But what’s a win when it’s measured against the missed opportunity of a shot at Taco Bell? You see, the Blazers were running a promo not unlike the one Raptors fans went so crazy for the other night: but this time, “a Taco Bell and Trail Blazers gift pack” was on the line. All Raymond Felton had to do was hit one of two free throws to give the Blazers that 100th point. So what if only one randomly selected fan would have gotten it?* They really wanted that shot at it:

Poor Blazers fans. Doesn’t Felton know that now they’ll have to drive 965 miles for their fix?!?!?!

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*A commenter points out that in addition to the random-drawing gift basket, everyone in the crowd gets a free chalupa, making it even more similar to the Toronto and Chicago (free Big Mac) promos – and more understandable why the entire crowd was on pins and needles.