There’s A Ton To Hate About This Clip Of Reggie Miller Singing To Rihanna Wearing Heat Sunglasses

  • Eric Goldschein

Thanks to Black Sports Online for bringing this to our attention, because I had no idea this happened during the broadcast of Heat-Bucks yesterday — the reason being I don’t like listening to Reggie Miller speak, or watching the Heat blow out bottom-feeders.

So after LeBron dunked on the Bucks (not this time, but yet another time), color commentator Miller was charged with deciding what to say before the commercial break. The camera guy gave him a hand by catching Rihanna rocking out in Heat swag. So here’s what Miller came up with:

Checklist of things wrong with this:

-Reggie Miller speaking on live television?
-Reggie Miller “singing” a “singer’s” “lyrics” at them for lack of anything interesting to say?
-Choosing to quote a song that features the lyrics “The square root of 69 is 8 something, right?”
-Choosing to quote a Rihanna song that features a guy she’s not too keen on at the moment while showing her on camera?
-Rihanna wearing all this Heat gear when she’s from Barbados and lives in Beverly Hills and has been courtside at the Staples Center for non-Heat games?

Check, check, check, check, check.

Overall, if you hate this clip, we’re right there with you.