Report: Donald Sterling, 80-Year-Old Man With Alzheimer's And Prostate Cancer, Will Sue NBA For $1 Billion

  • Eric Goldschein

nba podiumThe Donald Sterling saga has taken a turn for the depressing — as if it wasn’t sad enough already — with the news that the former(?) Clippers owner will sue the NBA for $1 billion for forcing him to sell the team.

This news comes mere hours after Sterling was revealed to have Alzheimer’s disease. Doctors deemed Sterling “mentally incapacitated,” which gave wife Shelly Sterling the legal leverage necessary to sell the Clippers to Steve Ballmer last night.

Sterling’s legal team, obviously, refutes these claims. Via CNN:

Two neurologists have deemed Los Angeles Clippers co-owner Donald Sterling to be mentally incapacitated, two sources with detailed knowledge of the situation told CNN on Friday.

Sterling’s lawyer, Maxwell Blecher, called the declaration a “vast overstatement,” and said the 80-year-old’s diagnosis was of a “modest mental impairment” or a “slowing down.”

Sterling, who was banned from the NBA in April over racist comments he made in a private conversation that was taped, is “far from being incapacitated,” Blecher told CNN.

There have been conflicting reports from Sterling’s camp over the last few weeks on whether he would fight the NBA’s forced sale of the team or allow things to take their natural and welcome course. The NBA — and the world in general — thought it had dodged a long legal battle when the sale papers were signed yesterday, but that appears to not be the case.

Of course, this is an issue of pride for Sterling. It was reported that he had no interest in selling the team, even for $2 billion, because at this stage in his life, what does billions of dollars matter? And yet, here he is, suing the NBA for a cool billion. Even if he won the case, he’d probably burn the money — it’s all about showing up a league that so publicly and totally (and rightfully) disavowed him. Hell hath no fury like a demented racist scorned. Why wouldn’t he want to live the rest of his life, such as it is, in peace? Because humans are prideful and stupid, especially this one. He might, literally, be out of his mind as well. Sad.

Enjoy your weekend. Take a minute to smell some flowers, if you can.

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