Reporter Says Cavaliers’ Locker Room Smelled Like Pot Following Game 2

  • Rick Chandler

The Warriors throttled the Cavaliers on Sunday night and it was madness — reefer madness.

ESPN’s Mike Wise tweeted several times that the Cavs’ locker room had “a strong reefer aroma” following the 132-113 Golden State win, even snapping at some who questioned him with “I know what cannabis smells like.”

Social media soon took over, many scolding Wise for “snitching”.

Wise soon became defensive, tweeting that “I’m not Edward Snowden.” But the fact remains that someone in the Cleveland locker room was sparking up, although we’re certainly not saying that it was Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. No! Hide that photo below!



Stephen Curry had 33 points and Kevin Durant 32 as Golden State dominated in fits and spurts. But the Cavs hung around, and the Warriors finally pulled away in the fourth quarter. In Steve Kerr’s return to the sideline they’re now 14-0 in the playoffs, an NBA record.

But the series shifts to Cleveland Wednesday and Friday at 9 p.m. (ET), ABC. Warriors fans are nervous that the Cavs may climb back into this thing. ABC is nervous that they won’t.

Warriors Fans scuffle, show more fight than Cavs

Your Coaching Days Are Over

This is dedicated to all of you would-be coaches out there who said that Klay Thompson should stop looking to shoot and just concentrate on defense. SALUTE!

Thompson in Game 2: 8×12 (4×7) 22 points.

LeBron Skips Post-Game podium interview

Should this be a controversy? The Magic 8-Ball says: Doubtful. Your results may vary.

I hear that LeBron will be fined $20K for dodging the podium, an amount that will surely send him reeling into bankruptcy. He did answer questions at his locker, however.

Even though Cleveland has to now win 4 out of 5 to claim the trophy, I’m making no predictions. Ask the Spurs how fortunes can change at any moment. Plus, the Cavs now (allegedly) have the amazing curative powers of medical marijuana.