Rick Carlisle Draws A Technical For Going Momentarily Insane

  • Eric Goldschein

With the Mavericks down 0-2 in their first round series, it was important for them not to fall behind early to the Thunder. And yet, they did. So Rick Carlisle, perhaps looking to provide a spark, channeled his inner Jim Carey (or maybe outer Jim Carey?) and unleashed a freak out that would have landed him a part in Ace Ventura 3, no problem.

Some might think that this is an unnecessary tantrum to throw, especially so early in the game. But that’s when you want your freak outs: get them out of your system early, so you can focus on the game. This was just Carlisle venting some frustration, saying, “Hey, guys, let’s get our asses in gear or we’ll be down three games in this series.”

Perhaps the Mavs got the message: down by nine at that point, they have (as of this writing) cut it to, uh, six. That’s good, though. Moving in the right direction, at least.