Here’s Where Ricky Rubio Watched Game 1

  • Glenn Davis

Here is a list of things on the internet cuter than whatever Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio did last:

1) Baby raccoons rescued from vending machine.

2) Lionel Messi and a puppy.

3) Cat pokes dog, walks away.

And… that’s it, basically. Rubio is adorable. So when we see that he caught last night’s NBA playoff action lounging around on an airport luggage carousel:

…we assume that at some point, he was actually riding an active luggage carousel around like it was a merry-go-round while yelling “I’m on a horsey! I’m on a horsey!” and holding a lollipop. And if anyone was there and confirm that this did not, in fact, happen, just don’t tell us.

[Pro Basketball Talk]