Ricky Rubio Just Wants Alexey Shved To Be Happy

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Ricky Rubio has a tough job. He was a child prodigy, and is supposed to be the savior for the Minnesota Timberwolves, along with Kevin Love. Kevin Love is hurt, and many other T-Wolves have been hurt many times, too. Rubio himself had a torn ACL not long ago, and he’s not playing his best basketball. He is the leader of a disappointing team; you’d understand if he was down in the dumps.

But this is Ricky Rubio, dewy-eyed Spanish youngster we’re talking about. He doesn’t get down in the dumps, even when losing to the Los Angeles Lakers, which is a sad thing to do. Russian teammate Alexey Shved does get upset about such things, but Ricky just wants him to cheer up.

Alexey. Change this face. Be happy. Enjoy!

“Change this face” isn’t usually how you cheer someone up, but you are not a Spanish wunderkind. I was sad that the Timberwolves were sad, but I have changed my face. I am happy. Thank you, Ricky.

[Ball Don’t Lie]