World’s Happiest Man Makes World’s Fanciest Basketball Play

  • Glenn Davis

It’s well documented that Ricky Rubio just wants people to be happy. Documented here, to be exact. But Rubio’s not just all talk. He’s not just telling us to be happy. He’s backing up his words with action – action like this, from late in his T-Wolves’ 107-83 destruction of the Spurs last night:

Tell us: is it possible to be a basketball fan, watch that, and not sport the kind of ear-to-ear grin Rubio wants to see on all our faces? And it was far from the only thing Rubio did right last night: he posted his first career triple double, with 21 points, 13 rebounds and 12 assists. Injuries played havoc with Rubio’s season this year just like they did with seemingly everyone on the T-Wolves’ roster, but if that play above doesn’t make it obvious, nothing will: he’s still a special talent, and T-Wolves fans still have something to look forward to – and smile about – in the future, so long as Rubio and Kevin Love (with a fully-healed hand, of course) are parts of it. Whaddya say, Ricky?

What a guy.

[That NBA Lottery Pick; video by CJ Fogler]

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