Rockets Owner Fined $100 Grand For Confronting Ref During Game

  • Rick Chandler


I don’t pretend to know the psychology behind being insanely rich — like, how does it effect you when you’re dinged for a $100,000 fine? Do you get insane, or treat it like a library fine?

Guess it depends on the person. Aren’t rich guy always getting fined for spilling toxic waste, killing endangered species and failing to keep buildings up to code, and so forth? Fines must be a part of doing business if you’re worth close to $2 billion, as Leslie Alexander is.

So here’s Alexander, owner of the Houston Rockets, doing something he knows is going to result in his wallet being tapped. During a lull in the action on Tuesday, he strolls up the sideline to complain to a ref about a call. Wait, what?

The NBA was not amused — and fined Alexander $100,000 today. So do you, what, take that off your taxes?

Then again, Alexander paid his ex-wife $150 million in a divorce settlement in 2003, and has already given $4 million to charity this year alone — so the NBA fine probably isn’t going to hurt as much as one thinks. NBC Sports:

Per Patricia Bender’s database, this is the NBA’s largest fine in nearly two years. The NBA fined the Clippers $250,000 in 2015 for setting up DeAndre Jordan with an endorsement deal while trying to lure him back in free agency.