What Happened Last Night: The Rockets-Warriors Game Had A Weird Ending, The Lakers Gutted One Out In Brooklyn

  • Dylan Murphy

Don’t want to talk about the latest PED news? Don’t want to talk about National Signing Day? Don’t care that Joe Flacco’s agent is mouthing off about him deserving to be the highest paid QB? Yeah, sometimes it’s just about the games, plain and simple. So here’s what happened last night, in Sporting Events.

The Houston Rockets made 23 three-pointers against the Golden State Warriors.

But this is where it got weird: Houston had well over four minutes to break the record, but couldn’t. Not for lack of trying, but thanks to the “old school” coaching of Golden State head coach Mark Jackson. Even though his Warriors lost 140-109, he refused to give up the record. So he had his players foul repeatedly towards the end of the game, sending Warriors players to the line instead of letting them attempt a three-pointer. There was one particularly vicious play in the corner, when Houston’s Patrick Beverley was wide open for a three. But Golden State’s Draymond Green came flying out at him and flailed his arms, grabbing Beverly across the head and neck, and got himself ejected. A minor scuffle ensued, Kevin McHale and Mark Jackson started chirping at each other and the game took forever to finally end. Oh, and the two head coaches didn’t shake hands afterwards: old school coaches, and all.

The Los Angeles Lakers won at Brooklyn, which is something.

Without Metta World Peace, who was suspended for attacking Brandon Knight’s head the game before, without Dwight Howard, who missed his third straight game with a torn labrum, without Pau Gasol, who injured his foot and did not return, and with Kobe Bryant, who attempted 24 field goals and only had 4 assists, the Lakers won. In Brooklyn. The game came down to the wire, Kobe exploding for a huge jam and a layup on late-game possessions, and Earl Clark (!) hitting a dagger jumper off of a pick and roll with Steve Nash. But more impressive was the defense, holding the Nets to 83 points, even though their offense couldn’t quite get on track all night. Still, 92 points proved to be enough. We’d also like to highlight this postgame quote from Kobe on his monster jam that broke an 80-80 tie in the 4th:

“‘I was pretty shocked that the lane was so wide open,’ Bryant said. ‘I think everybody’s been drinking the Kobe pass Kool-Aid, so everybody kind of stayed on the perimeter on the shooters and it just parted like the Red Sea. So I felt a little like Moses.’

So Moses-like.