ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW: Denver Nuggets’ Mascot Passes Out While Being Lowered To Court, Gives Illusion He’s Dead

  • Jake O'Donnell

Talk about a Rocky entrance (ahem, his name is Rocky). This would have gone totally unnoticed had it happened a day earlier. Unfortunately, 364 days a year, hanging a person in a costume freaks people out. For clarification, the guy in the lion suit apparently passed out. Afraid of heights? Rigged up too tight? A bit of both?


[FOX] What actually happened was the Nuggets’ mascot apparently suffered a dizzy spell while he was being lowered to the court during a pregame stunt and passed out, dangling lifelessly and then crumpling on the floor as the crowd watched in horror.

The Nuggets say he’s fine, but Rocky did not return to the game. The Nuggets lost 113-98 to the Trailblazers. What do you think? Should we add Rocky to our Creepiest Mascots In Sports list?

Is that a faux jet pack?