Gah! Dennis Rodman Actually Played Basketball Looking Like This

  • Dan Fogarty

It’s true! Dennis Rodman took part in the US Pro-Ball Legend Asia Tour, a traveling exhibition of old pros who tipped off in Macao on Sunday. The Worm took the court with former NBAers like Scottie Pippen, Penny Hardaway, Gary Payton, Clyde Drexler, and Mitch Richmond, and he looked… absolutely terrifying.

Here’s a photo of Rodman during a press event before the game. He looked crazy, even by Dennis Rodman standards.

But surely he wouldn’t play basketball like that. Would he?

He would!

Yes, like a drag queen’s nightmare, Rodman’s traveling circus of flailing elbows delighted/terrified the crowd in Macao. As for the guys he was playing against? Well, Penny Hardaway didn’t look like he wanted any part of the helpful dragon demon standing above him.

Photos via @MaZe1eR, Andy Gray