Dennis Rodman To Return To North Korea To See His ‘Good Friend’ Chunk From Goonies Kim Jong-Un

  • Rick Chandler

We don’t have to rehash all the evil, Darth-Vader-turns-to-the-Dark-Side crap that’s been going on lately in North Korea, do we? Good. Suffice it to say that, as Judy Garland said in ‘The Wizard of Oz,” it’s “not a very nice place.”

But to Dennis Rodman, it’s a vacation spot: he’s on Travelocity right now booking his third trip there. Even noted liberal and peacenik Hawkeye Pierce only went there once, and got out as soon as he could.

I’m sure Dennis has many questions since the two last hooked up.

“Hey Kim! How’s the wife? (Awkward). How’s your uncle doing?” (AWKWARD).

Fox News:

A spokesman for Irish online betting website Paddy Power, the trip’s sponsor, told the New York Times Tuesday that Rodman was due to arrive in Beijing later in the day before traveling to North Korea on Thursday with a documentary film crew in tow. The spokesman told the Times that Rodman was due to stay in North Korea until next Monday.

It isn’t known if Rodman is going to hang with the Jong-Unster, but he will be working out with the Korean National Basketball Team. The New York Times:

The plan for Mr. Rodman to revisit had been made before the abrupt change in North Korea’s politics, culminating in the announcement Thursday that Kim Jong-un’s uncle, Jang Song-thaek, who had long been considered the No. 2 leader, had been executed for charges that included plotting a coup, womanizing, gambling and drug abuse.

Way to steal the plot from “The Hunger Games”, North Korea. If you’re going to be evil, at least be original.

London Daily Mail:

Mr Rodman is expected to provide North Korea’s national basketball team with four days of training.

He also intends to return to Pyongyang in January with a team of fellow former National Basketball Association stars to hold basketball games on Kim Jong-Un’s birthday.

“Dennis is going to spend a couple of days training the North Korean team to get them ship shape for the January match,” Mr Scott said.

Would that ship by any chance have nuclear cruise missiles aimed at South Korea?