Roy Hibbert Rocks A Monocle At Pacers Game 3 Post Game Press Conference

  • Jake O'Donnell

The post game press conference is to NBA Players what the Mercedes-Benz tent is to fashion designers. It’s where they pioneer new, innovative, often stupid looks, in front of dozens of cameras and journalists, as if to say, “Hey, I’m not just a pro basketball player — I’m an eccentric millionaire.”

And nothing says that better than the monocle.

Enter Roy Hibbert after last night’s shitty basketball game defensive battle against the lost New York Knicks. “I asked my teammate Paul (George) if I should do this,” he said, referring to the monocle which he brought with him to the press conference. “This is my first time at the podium basically all year. I know a lot of people always wear crazy get-ups and stuff like that, so I said to myself before the game, ‘I’m going to have a great game tonight.’”

And wear a monocle.

“I was advised by Paul George and David Benner not to set a trend by wearing a monocole, so I’m not putting on the monocle,” he added. Hibbert, who went for 24 and 12 in Game 3, then tossed the monocle to reporters kinda like how Dave Grohl throws drums sticks to the crowd after a Foo Fighters concert. It’s as if he knew how funny the idea was, realized the commentary he was making about NBA fashion sense, and opted to steer clear of making the entire post game discussion about his single, ironic, turn of the century eyepiece.

He’s actually a funny dude. Just last week he tweeted a picture of girl peeing on the street in New York in broad daylight. “I was in a cab on the way 2dinner 2night. As i get out I see a girl calmly taking a poop on the side of the road!” he wrote. Hilarious.

And then there’s his cameo on Parks and Rec (which he apparently lobbied hard for because he’s such a fan of the show.)

Either way, we salute you Roy. Thank you for pointing out how ridiculous NBA fashion statements are. Even a monocle has one more lens than Russell Westbrook’s frames.

H/T Larry Brown Sports