Russell Westbrook Flunked A Wide Open Dunk — Andre Iguodala Did Not

  • Eric Goldschein

The U.S. Men’s Basketball team absolutely blew out the Dominican Republic tonight, 113-59. It wasn’t a perfect game — as you’ll see in this clip — but the guys did look like they were having fun. Just watch Russ Westbrook blow a transition dunk — and then Andre Iguodala demonstrate how it’s done — and try to tell us these guys don’t genuinely like each other already.

Camaraderie and chemistry was a huge part of the “Redeem Team” and this squad looks to be carrying on that tradition.

Briefly discussed in this clip is the tenacious defensive effort this squad — led by Westbrook — is showing so far. Sure, it’s against the Dominican Republic, but to get two straight scrappy steals that lead to fastbreak opportunities when you’ve already doubled up your opponent shows how much these guys already want it.

But something else needs to be addressed here. Normally in practice, guys run lay-up drills. Instead, from now on, Russell Westbrook needs to be running dunk drills. Dude is always blowing wide open jams. Not Iggy.