Russell Westbrook Will Play Tonight For The Thunder. Wait, What?

  • Rick Chandler

Didn’t he just have surgery a couple of weeks ago? Well, things suddenly got very interesting in the Western Conference, as Russell Westbrook was cleared to play tonight when OKC meets the Suns.

When last we left Westrook, he had injured his knee during Game 2 of the first-round playoff series with the Rockets last season. He underwent surgery for a torn meniscus and was expected back for the start of this season, but further swelling in the knee prompted another surgery last month.

So this is a surprise.

“Russell Westbrook has gone through a methodical rehab process jointly created by our medical and performance teams and treating physicians,” Thunder general manager Sam Presti said in the release. “The process has been instrumental in getting Russell to this point and has included various physical and medical benchmarks/”

When you dance like this, it’s tough to keep you out of the lineup. That knee looks fine.