The Clippers’ Ryan Hollins Channels His Inner High School Bully, Puts Little Goran Dragic In A Headlock For No Reason

  • Eric Goldschein

If a fight takes place during a blowout, you can usually put money on a member of the losing team being the instigator. They’re the ones frustrated with the situation of having sucked royally, and any slight — imagined or otherwise — can set them off. So what gives with Clippers reserve center Ryan Hollins, whose team was beating on the Suns in the fourth quarter, deciding to fight a point guard?

Having already put together a perfect night from the field (2-2) and collected four fouls in just nine minutes of play, Hollins symbolically dropped the microphone and walked offstage by putting Goran Dragic in a headlock and keeping him there while arguing with officials and just about everyone else.

Why Hollins chose to take umbrage with Dragic for boxing him out with eight minutes left in an absolute blowout isn’t clear, but here’s video showing the altercation, plus the ensuing push-and posture-battle between Hollins and various Suns players:

Hollins got tossed, as did Michael Beasley, who came to his teammate’s aid by means of shoving Hollins and screaming in everybody’s face. In Beasley’s defense, here are the measurements of the original combatants:

Hollins: 7’0, 240 lbs.
Dragic: 6’3, 190 lbs.

Not the fairest fight we’ve seen on the basketball court, or any earthly setting.

[ESPN, Video from NBA Clips]

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