Emotional: Sacramento Kings Announcers Try To Keep From Crying During Team’s Last Game

  • Dan Fogarty

If you’d like to get a sense of the emotion the city of Sacramento feels towards the Kings, look no further than broadcasters Grant Napear and Jerry Reynolds. The veteran announcers fought back tears as they signed off, possibly for the last time ever, from Arco Arena last night.

The Kings future is unknown at this point, but the team’s owners will likely push for a move to Anaheim. A move by the Kings will be a topic of discussion at today’s NBA owner’s meetings in New York, but many think a relocation is inevitable.

It would be hard to imagine a more bittersweet scenario for the two announcers: the Kings had just lost their final game, in overtime no less, to the Lakers, but the fans stayed and applauded anyway.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty as we all know,” said Napear. “But what we do know is the love affair between this team, and this city.”

Here’s video from their final signoff: