Santa’s Little Heckler: A Possibly-Drunk Santa Claus Berates LeBron James

  • Glenn Davis

Well, that was the LeBron James we wanted to see in the NBA Finals. James picked apart the Dallas Mavericks in a 105-94, season-opening win on Christmas (and the game wasn’t nearly as close as that score makes it sound; the Heat led by more than 30 before they stopped caring in the fourth quarter), scoring 37 points and adding 10 rebounds and six assists. The quest to avenge last season’s disappointing Finals, though just beginning, is off to a very promising start.

One thing LeBron still can’t escape, and likely never will, though: heckling fans. And today, one especially vociferous heckler was…wearing a Santa suit. And drinking. It proved too much for TV cameras – or the announcing team – to ignore:

He certainly was confrontational. A lot more confrontational than we imagine he’d have been were he face-to-face with LeBron (though that’s true of just about any heckler). Also, the 32-point deficit probably explains a lot about why he was such a “bitter Santa.” But on this day, at least, LeBron got the last laugh.