“Hey Guys I’m Really Excited About Playing Ton– BARF!”

  • Dan Fogarty

After a stint in the D-League, Sean Williams played in his first NBA game in two years last night. And he did pretty well! He scored 12 points in 11 minutes, and was a lone bright spot for the Mavericks in their loss to the Nuggets.

The only problem? Williams’ body hasn’t exactly re-adjusted to the fast-paced pro game, and after returning to the bench with 3:25 left in the 4th quarter he, well… puked all over the place. His teammates (and Mavs owner Mark Cuban) had a good laugh over Williams’ nervous stomach, once again proving that pro athletes (and owners!) will react to farts and puking much the same way a third grader would.

Welcome back, Sean Williams. You will never live this down.

[SB Nation Denver, photo via]