Holy Crap This Seattle Sonics Children’s Book Is Depressing

  • Dan Fogarty

A new children’s book details the happy-turned-sad history of the Seattle Supersonics, the city’s NBA franchise that up and left in 2008. The Sonics, of course, would go on to become the Oklahoma City Thunder, and it was in OKC where they would put the finishing touches on a young and likable core of players that will more than likely compete for the next five NBA titles.

:::Sad trombone noise:::

The book, which sports the saddest children’s book title ever (Mommy, What’s a Seattle Supersonic?) is 32 pages of disenchantment, making it the perfect fall read for your seven-year-old. Of course, the book’s not actually for kids, but is instead an ironic coping mechanism for the zombified masses still in shock over the Sonics’ departure. It also incredibly funny. (See, “And then one day, bad things started to happen…”)

The book is available for free, via iTunes.

[h/t NBA Lottery Pick]