Shane Battier Has, For A Second Time In A Year, In-Bounded The Ball Off Paul Pierce’s Back

  • Jake O'Donnell

As the saying goes, fool me once, Shane on you. Fool me twice, Shane on me. Battier has now thrown the ball off of the unsuspecting back of Paul Pierce, not once, but twice in a calendar year. The first time was last April, which resulted in a score (he was not credited with the assist, though). The second time the stakes were higher, as the Heat had to inbound the ball to run out the clock in a 2 point game Monday night. The nerve it must have taken to do this a second time with the game on the line could have probably killed a horse. Or maybe Shane Battier just watches enough tape that he notices Pierce turns his back to in-bounders a lot, and he was making “the smart play.” Either way, Paul Pierce must feel like a total ding-dong.