Silver Lining To The Kevin Love Trade: Minnesota Should Be Incredibly Fun To Watch This Year

  • Eric Goldschein


So, here’s how you know the Kevin Love-to-Cleveland trade is legit:

NBA news is basically only true when Woj reports it. So now we can say with certainty: Kevin Love will be a Cavalier next season. In fact, it appears he’ll be a Cavalier for a long time: Woj says that Love plans to opt-out in 2015 and sign a five-year contract extension.

This is great news if you’re a Cavaliers fan. Cleveland now has its best shot ever at winning its first title in decades, and the window should last until about 2020. That’s spectacular.

It’s less exciting if you’re any one of these people: an NBA fan; Andrew Wiggins.

Wiggins lost out on learning from the best player in the world and becoming the Pippin to LeBron’s Jordan. He goes from a possible title contender to a rebuilding situation in Minnesota. He also has to uproot the life he was no doubt building in Cleveland for a markedly different one out west.

NBA fans lose because once again, we see power concentrating around a few elite teams. Who will be good in the East this year? The Cavs, the Bulls. Maybe the Hornets? The Raptors? At least the West won’t be as strong.

But here’s the silver lining: The Timberwolves might not be good this season — or next, or perhaps for awhile — but they’ve got two, no, THREE of the youngest, most athletic and awe-inspiring dunkers in the league, and a point guard who excels at executing gorgeous, video-game-esque passes. This team will be fun.

Reminder: Here are Wiggins and fellow Wolves rookies Zach LaVine and Glenn Robinson III throwing down ridiculous dunks during that crazy social media dunk contest that broke out over the weekend:



Robinson III:

And here’s Ricky Rubio, the guy who will be throwing them alley-oop passes for the next few years (assuming he stays healthy):

A starting line-up of Rubio, LaVine, Wiggins, Anthony Bennett (assuming he improves) and Nikola Pekovic actually sounds pretty competitive. In the West, it will probably mean 38 wins, but that’s a start. Holding out for Wiggins was crucial for Minnesota to rebuild, and while they might not contend for a championship anytime soon, they’ll definitely be getting some League Pass love. That’s something, isn’t it?

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