Since Tim Duncan Has Opted In, San Antonio Trolls LeBron With This Glorious Billboard

  • Rick Chandler

Tim Duncan recently announced that he’s coming back to the Spurs for an 18th season with the team, at age 38. So of course someone in San Antonio ponied up for this billboard, praising Tim for opting in and knocking LeBron James for opting out with the Miami Heat, as he did on Tuesday. Shots fired! Damn it, we thought this war was over for now!

Washington Post:

Duncan explained this and a few other things to David Letterman in a “Late Show” appearance Monday night, admitting that he thought about retiring but decided to exercise his option for another season because he felt he “could at least do one more year. I felt I was still effective. I felt I could still help the team.”

Of course LeBron likely isn’t going anywhere: the best bet is that he’s simply exploring his options. Potential destinations Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Cleveland all have giant question marks hovering over them for various reasons, and LeBron would frankly be crazy to opt for any of those. Although if he does somehow choose the Cavaliers, that would be loyalty that would trump even Duncan’s. Because LeBron ain’t winning any rings there.