Now That We Have The New Orleans Pelicans And The Charlotte Hornets (Again), Here Are Six More Teams That Need A Name Change

  • Eric Goldschein

Starting next season, the New Orleans basketball team will be known as the Pelicans. While some people think that pelicans are lame (Note: they’re not), it’s an area-relevant name that wasn’t stolen when the team moved from Charlotte, so we support it. And now that the Hornets name is freed up, the Bobcats (which was the previous holder of the title “Dumbest Animal To Name Your Team After”) are working to revert to their original nickname again — though that probably won’t take effect until 2014-15.

We like it when teams have good, popular names that make sense. In fact, we want all NBA teams to have good, popular names that make sense. Because the truth is, some current team names vary from inappropriate for their city to downright garbage. Can we get a shout out for the culturally- or historically-relevant names out there today (like the Celtics, Knicks, Rockets, Pacers — just to name a few)?

Here are six NBA teams that need to get in on the changing names trend. By 2015, we hope that their current monikers will be stricken from the record.


Hed photo via Getty