So Why Isn’t LeBron Competing In The Slam Dunk Contest Again?

  • Eric Goldschein

We already know that LeBron James is already a world-class in-game dunker. But the impromptu dunk display he put on during after practice in Phoenix yesterday was just incredible. The footage speaks for itself:

Probably the coolest thing about these dunks is how easy he makes them look. Throw the ball off the opposite wall of the gym and catch it beneath the rim for a two-handed reverse? No problem. And as you see from the screencap below, he loves seeing himself in action (and I don’t blame him).

lebron heat dunk reactionFinally, when Dwayne Wade was interviewed afterwards about how LeBron would do in the dunk contest, the King cut in to say “I’d win.”

Based on what we’ve seen of you, LeBron, we have little reason to argue.

So why don’t you compete?

It can’t be that other stars aren’t doing it — this year’s group of competitors is star-studded. It can’t be that he’s afraid to lose — he’s quite confident, as we can see. And it certainly isn’t that Michael Jordan and other greats haven’t won it, because, well, they have.

Talk is cheap. As far as I’m concerned, Terrence Ross and Nate Robinson and Jeremy Evans are better dunkers than LeBron. At least they put their money where their mouth is.