Some Dude On The Nets Got Fined More Than Half His Salary For One Flagrant Foul

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Jorge Gutierrez is an undrafted dude from Cal who finally made his NBA debut for the Brooklyn Nets this month. He committed this foul against Cody Zeller, and was called for a flagrant foul 2, which means the foul was “unnecessary and excessive” and gets the player ejected.

The NBA fined Gutierrez $15,000, which, normally, we laugh at. $15,000 for a pro athlete? That’s like fining Joey from Starbucks a penny!

But, really, it’s significant.

Gutierrez is barely in the league, on his second 10-day contract. Each one was worth $28,000. So, technically speaking, he got fined more than half of his salary.

But the Nets just signed him for the rest of the season, and he’ll reportedly make $123,000 total this year. So, 12.2% of what he’ll ultimately make.

Proportionally, that’s like fining LeBron almost $2.4 million. And that completely ignores the fact that Jorge Gutierrez isn’t exactly set for life.

Most importantly, though: How can you fine a guy for fouling a face like this?

Shame on you, NBA.

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