‘Someone In The Know’ Claims Kyrie Irving Is Leaving Cleveland; Irving Responds

  • Eric Goldschein

kyrie irving

If NBA players had a nickel for every time their names were mentioned in trade/free agency/alien abduction rumors, they’d be rich. (As of now, they are forced to fight for every dollar they can, just to get by.)

So what should we make of this tweet that posits Kyrie Irving will bolt the Cleveland Cavaliers?

“Someone in the know,” eh? That guy sounds credible. So much so that Kyrie Irving had to comment on it a few hours later:

That should settle it, right? Probably not. This isn’t exactly a strong denial — just a reaction to someone claiming their source is “in the know.” He may very well to be planning to leave anyway. But we’re sure the people of Cleveland appreciate the show of… well, it’s not solidarity, not quite. It’s better than nothing, at least.


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