Someone With Time On Their Hands Made This Awesome 8-Bit Shawn Marion Video

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

It’s a good thing “Mario” is like “Marion” without the “n”, or else the Dallas Mavericks YouTube channel would have zero excuse for making this video. Lucky for them, the similarity is there. So here’s Shawn Marion with his face slapped on Super Mario, playing an appropriate variation on the first stage from Super Mario Bros.

To be fair, this video is a year-and-a-half too old. That having been said, it’s still pretty cool. Personally, I wouldn’t have thought to go as far as to make the fireballs basketballs, so that was a nice touch. And clearly, I would be remiss not to mention the “That’s what’s up!” every time he vanquishes an opponent.

Marion has been averaging 9.9 points and a team-leading 8.6 rebounds a contest. Aside from the games he sat out due to knee injury, he’s started all 26 he’s played and averages a little over 30 minutes a game. Nothing about him has really been particularly “super”, but here’s to hoping three-dimensional Shawn can start channeling 2-D Shawn. And like, the rest of the Mavericks for that matter.