A Newspaper In Washington Is Still A Little Angry Over Losing The Sonics

  • Evan Sporer

I sympathize with Seattle SuperSonics fans, I truly do. I can’t say I know what they’re going through, because I’ve never lost a team, but I really feel bad for the fans of Seattle. That being said, their gripe should not be with the Oklahoma City Thunder. In no way did anyone in that organization precipitate the relocation of the franchise. Again, Sonics fans are 110 percent justified in their anger. I just don’t get why they’re mad at OKC itself. Like this newspaper, for instance:

The subhead reads “Oklahoma City steals team, and steals game from San Antonio.” Just some misguided anger. Your beef is not – shouldn’t be, anyway – with Oklahoma City and the insanely passionate fans inhabiting it.

So where should Sonics fans direct all their anger? Well, if you don’t know much about what happened with regards to the Sonics relocation, I highly recommend watching SonicsGate, a documentary on all the events that led up to Seattle losing its basketball team. It’s nearly two hours long, but if you’re looking for a movie to watch, I’d definitely give it a look.

h/t Sports Crack, @ByTimBooth