Former NBA Player Ends Lithuanian Basketball Game Dunktastically

  • Tom Lorenzo

Former NBA player Sonny Weems is far from a household name, having spent the last two seasons coming off the Toronto Raptors‘ bench. He is, however, in NBA circles, known for having pretty impressive hops. As was evident when he won the 2008 NCAA Slam Dunk Content.

Unfortunately, for those Weems fans out there, we won’t be seeing him in the NBA this season since he had signed with a Lithuanian team, Zalgiris Kuanas, back in August. It probably seemed like the right thing to do when he initially signed, seeing as there was so much uncertainty still as to whether or not we’d have an NBA season this year. The problem is, Weems’ contract doesn’t have an “out clause.” Meaning, he has to play it out before he can even consider playing in the NBA. So long, 2012 season!

At any rate, it seems as if Weems is enjoying himself playing overseas. At least, he looks to be the toast of the town. Here he is ending a game against opposing team Chimki with a drive and dunk in the final seconds of the game. Check it out:

Feel the excitement. It wasn’t quite at the buzzer, but it was impressive, nonetheless. Wait, was that Chris Quinn on the other team? Wow. This video just got that much better.