Sounds Like Terrence Williams’ Visit With His Kid Went Really Well, If ‘Really Well’ Means ‘He Brandished A Gun’

  • Eric Goldschein

Few situations are sadder than a mother and father meeting in a parking lot so their child can hang out with the father for a court-mandated visit. But Celtics guard/forward Terrence Williams decided to bring everything down a peg by allegedly pulling out a gun and “making threats” with it.

This heart-warming wrenching scene took place in downtown Kent, WA yesterday around 1:55 p.m. Williams has a 10-year-old son, and the mother of that son was dropping him off to meet with Williams. Then this happened:

…During the exchange in a downtown Kent parking lot, [Williams and the woman] began arguing. The woman told police that Williams brandished a firearm and made threats. He then left the area.

Police said they later located Williams and took him into custody.

An investigation is ongoing.

We won’t speculate on the nature of argument, but needless to say, it’s doubtful that a 6’6”, 220 pound man needed to defend himself from his baby mama with a gun. In front of his son. In public. It’s shocking enough to overshadow the fact that 25-year-old Williams must have become a father when he was 15 (or so) years old. Young people of the world: please, as they say, wrap it up.

[Ball Don’t Lie]

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