SPORTSGRID ORIGINAL: The Future Of The Knicks (As Told By An 8-Year-Old)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Earlier this year, rumors surfaced that Phil Jackson would require complete control of the New York Knicks’ basketball operations were he to come in and help out. Knicks fans predictably scoffed. But James Dolan held firm, stating at Jackson’s introductory press conference that he was ceding all authority to the 11-time NBA champion “willingly and gratefully.”

Everyone believed him, assuming that it’d be awfully embarrassing to renege on such a necessary promise to leave the basketball up to the basketball “experts.”

Then this report surfaced after Phil Jackson fired the entire Knicks coaching staff.

[The New York Daily News] According to the source, Dolan’s reaction to Jackson’s request was to tell the 11-time NBA championship coach to simply focus his attention on building a winning team. To say that “minor friction,” as one Garden source called it, can be classified as Jackson’s honeymoon with Dolan being over may be stretching it a bit.


Despite denying the reports in a press conference Wednesday morning, the overwhelming confidence of the New York Knicks’ fan base has be rattled, as they’re most definitely worried Dolan didn’t mean a thing he said last month, as this story was evidence of a return to business as usual.

Who knows if that’s the case?

Answer: An 8-year-old Knicks fan.

Seriously, we asked an 8-year-old Knicks fan from New Haven, Connecticut, to explain what happened with Phil and Jim, and had him tell us the story of how everything will shake out in the coming years.

Through drawings. (We’ve interpreted them on his behalf.)