Spurs Fans Celebrate Their Team’s Dominance By Brawling In The Stands

  • Glenn Davis

The Spurs are in the midst of one the most impressive runs in NBA history. Dating back to the regular season, they’ve won 20 straight games. They’ve swept through their entire playoff run so far, and the latest of those wins, a 120-111 victory over the Thunder last night, put them two games from the NBA Finals.

So just imagine how overjoyed the San Antonio crowd was last night to watch their Spurs win yet again. The only way it can get better than this, as a Spurs fan, is if the team goes on to win the title – and they’re sure peaking at the right time. Yes, that AT&T Center crowd must have been practically joining hands and singing the Hallelujah chorus and… wait, what’s this now?

Really, Spurs fans? Still so angry? You have nothing to be angry about! Everything is perfect! Also… is that a guy whaling on a lady? There is definitely a woman in the middle of all this (who’s wearing a blue shirt, so maybe she’s a Thunder fan?). Video quality’s not great, obviously, but it’s enough to tell that the title given the above video by its Youtube uploader is correct. Come on, (these specific) Spurs fans. Enjoy your team’s brilliance without beating the crap out of people. Your team is inflicting enough abuse as it is.

UPDATE: Twitter-er @adamthephotog apparently saw the fight in question. Here’s what he said went down:

@joeruiz yes that was the fight according to the sheriff Spurs fan held jersey in OKC fans face. OKC fan then punched Spurs fan.

So there you have it – a typical dumb fan spat. Good job, everyone.

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