Spurs Rip Off A 31-9 Run To Win Game 1 After LeBron Cramps Out In The Fourth

  • Eric Goldschein

It’s so hot in the AT&T Center (thanks to a broken A/C system) the best player in the world couldn’t finish the game.

The Heat were up two when LeBron first felt the effects of cramps, so dehydrated was the King. When he left for good after hobbling and being carried off the court, the Spurs went on a 31-9 run to win Game 1 going away, 110-95.

Awkwardly, LeBron was across the court from the Miami bench, and couldn’t make his way back over. He eventually hobbled and then was carried to social media infamy.

It could have happened to anybody. But it happened to LeBron James. Didn’t happen to Tim Duncan. Just saying.