Steph Curry Went Into Video Game Mode For The Last 6:30 Of The Third Quarter Last Night

  • Eric Goldschein

In fact, “video game mode” doesn’t quite do it justice. It’s more like he used a cheat code for “can’t miss,” because the kid went absolutely insane over the final 6:30 of the third quarter against the Nuggets last night. He scored 22 points, at one point hitting seven straight shots to essentially put the game away.

Words and shot charts don’t explain how good Curry was feeling. This video shows all of his points in that stretch, and it’s just incredible to watch:

When you’re passing it off the defender’s arms, getting it back and scooping it in for a lay-up — to say nothing of the pull-up three-pointers — you know you’re in the zone.

On ESPN, these highlights were accompanied by various tweets from… football players. Apparently Curry is so good he transcends his own sport (though I guess it’d be pretty awkward if Ty Lawson was tweeting “Wow, Steph Curry is really good!!!” so good thinking, ESPN):

[NBA YouTube]