Stephen A. Smith Shades Phil Jackson By Way Of Lamar Odom’s Crack Problem

Stephen A. Smith Shades Phil Jackson By Way Of Lamar Odom’s Crack Problem
  • Tanya Ray Fox

Stephen A. Smith is the highest paid television personality at ESPN, so the very least he can do is give us at least one good, interesting or entertaining take per year. Unfortunately we can’t ask for much more, but we can ask for that – and after delivering his Phil Jackson take on Thursday morning I can definitively say that his annual quota has been met.

Jackson’s transformation from overrated albeit incredibly successful 11-time NBA Champion coach into a maniacal and out-of-touch general manager of the New York Knicks appears to be complete, as he is actively shopping Kristaps Porzingis. The Latvian superstar was booed two years ago when the Knicks drafted him but has since become the lifeblood of a franchise that literally has nothing and no one else to root for.

Porzingis is not only a budding star and ostensibly an integral part of the Knicks’ rebuilding process but he’s also an incredibly fun and likable dude. The  Knicks may be a woeful organization with frustrated fans who are beginning to feel beaten down – but Porzingis gives them hope.

The fact that Jackson is shopping a player that valuable right now is absolutely ludicrous, and on the heels of various other mistakes, mishaps and blunder, including apparently falling asleep during a top prospect’s workout, people have had enough.

So let that be a bit of context for you as you watch Stephen A. lose his mind:


COLD-BLOODED. True, but cold as hell! As much as I don’t want to laugh – because Odom is by all accounts a good person whose struggles are tragic – it’s impossible not to find Stephen A’s delivery hilarious. He’s so genuinely appalled, and it’s a refreshing break from his usual feigned outrage.

It’s also a pretty good point. If you’re signing guys that are smoking crack to your NBA team, you’re probably not the man for the job. Just saying.

Tanya Ray Fox

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