Stephen Curry Becomes The Latest Superstar To Consider 'Going Home'

  • Eric Goldschein

stephen curry

Going home: It’s what’s hot in the NBA streets right now.

LeBron James made it cool by deciding to return to Ohio after four years of playing in Miami. There’s been talk of Kevin Durant going back to Washington, D.C. to play with the Wizards once his current contract expires (it helps that the Wizards are young and good, which is a relatively new thing for that franchise), spurning his adopted team and city for the opportunity to bring glory to the place where he grew up.

Now, add Stephen Curry to the list of potential NBA stars who might play for their hometown team at the expense of their adopted one. In three years.

Curry was asked about LeBron’s homecoming on “The Dan Patrick Show” yesterday:

“I’ve always had thoughts about playing at home, what it would be like,” said Curry, who is in the middle of a four-year, $44 million contract extension with the Warriors. “My dad played there for 10 years, and people around the Greater Charlotte area in North Carolina have done a lot for my family growing up, so you always think about it.

“Right now I feel like I’ve got three years left on my deal, so this isn’t going to be an issue for me for a while. I love the Bay Area and where we are as a team trying to win a championship, and that’s what it’s all about. Of course everybody dreams about or thinks about what it’s going to be like to play at home. Obviously if that opportunity comes along it’s a different discussion.”

This is, at the earliest, two years away from being anything but a pipe dream for Hornets fans. It’s not even worth getting into, since two years (probably three) is a long time, and an untold number of things could keep Curry in California — like money, or the opportunity to win a title (as easy as the East is, the Hornets still aren’t contenders quite yet).

But: How stupid would the Warriors feel if they held on to Klay Thompson instead of flipping him for Kevin Love in order to keep the “Splash Brothers” together, only to see Curry bolt a few years later? The answer: Very.

Good on Curry for being honest, but sometimes the right answer to a question like that is no answer at all.

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