Stephen Curry Will Never Get This Shoe Thing Right: New Lux Oxblood Mocked

  • Rick Chandler

Stephen Curry’s new Under Armor limited edition shoes just dropped — somewhere an Oldsmobile is missing an armrest.

That’s a variation of an old joke, but so are these shoes, according to social media. You may recall last year when Curry first ruined his shoe credibility with his Curry Two, a rather plain, white creation soon dubbed “Dad Force Ones.” It was relentlessly mocked, but that has never stopped Curry from wearing them.

Now comes the Curry Lux “oxblood leather”, and social media is going nuts once again.

Probably my favorite description:

But as they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Is this true for shoes? We’ll see how these sell.

Is it technically OK to wear shoes while putting your feet up on the couch when your shoes are the couch?