Steve Kerr May Be Back On Bench During The Finals

  • Rick Chandler


Steve Kerr won’t coach the Warriors in Game 1 on the NBA Finals tonight, but word from the team is that here’s a chance that he could return at some point during the series.

In fact, Warriors assistant and acting head coach Mike Brown tried to talk him into coaching Game 1, but Kerr said that he’s no quite there yet.


Steve Kerr looks better than he has since he took a leave of absence during the Golden State Warriors’ first-round playoff series, and there’s a chance he will coach at some point against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.

This has been Brown’s team throughout its 12-0 playoff run, but Kerr has been there behind the scenes creating game plans, discussing strategy and attending some practices. Those who think that losing the head coach — no matter how competent the assistant may be — doesn’t hurt a team in the playoffs really don’t know the game.

But he good news for the Warriors is that Kerr is more valuable in practice and at meetings than he is on the bench. Not that the latter isn’t important, but in-game strategy always comes in second to what happens in practice — with the good teams, anyway.