Steve Nash’s Leg Injury? Fracture.

  • Joe Levine

Sorry for the sensational headline. Yes, Nash has a fracture in his leg, but it’s not quite that serious.

Nash did suffer a fracture, but it is specifically “a small non-displaced fracture in the head of his fibula.”

Nash is expected to be out a minimum of a week. Backup point guard Steve Blake will start in his place.

In case you missed the play that caused Nash’s injury:

This actually might be a blessing in disguise for the Lakers, who have started the season 0-3. If they continue to lose, they can blame it on Nash’s injury and coach Mike Brown’s job will be safe a little longer. Hard to justify firing Brown and hiring, say, Mike D’Antoni, when the guy you need to have healthy to make sure hiring a new coach is even worthwhile is out with a (slightly) broken leg.

[Laker Nation]

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