Suspended Pipe: J.R. Smith Got Ejected Last Night For Elbowing Jason Terry’s Face, Will Miss Game 4

  • Jake O'Donnell

If this time next week we’re talking about the Knicks blowing a 3-0 series lead to the Celtics, it’ll be because of this absolutely unnecessary elbow. J.R. Smith, a game removed from the apex of his career arc whereby he received the KIA Sixth Man Of The Year Award, reminded us why he’s only making $2.5M this year. Ugh, Earl, c’mon.

“It wasn’t anything intentional. If they go back and watch the video, I think they’ll see that,” J.R. told The NY Daily News. “I was trying to draw the foul. He reached in one time and I thought he was going to reach in again the second time and I was going to try and get a shot off.”

Ya, ok. (Rolls eyes)

Refs slapped J.R. with a Flagrant 2, which comes with an automatic ejection, and in the playoffs, a suspension for the next game. “Hopefully, I do play,” he added, because he’s the 2nd most important player on the Knicks. How important? The Knicks hold a +5.3 score differential when he’s on the court and +1.9 when he’s not.

After the New York media had spent the previous week singing his praises, hailing him a changed man, he goes and does this. It’s like that scene in The Wrestler when he patches things up with his daughter only to miss dinner with her the next day because he did too much coke the night before. In essence. Sort of.


Photo via New York Post, H/T New York Daily News

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