Here’s The Incredibly Violent Taiwanese Animation Take On The Metta World Peace Elbow

  • Eric Goldschein

If the people of Taiwan didn’t know any better, they might think that Americans are obsessed with violence. But seriously, according to Next Media Animation, World Peace has straight up murdered people on the basketball court. He also wears Buddhist robes.

NMA tackles all types of news pegs and turns them into hilariously over-the-top cartoons. The facts are there, technically: for example, Ron Artest was involved in a brawl at The Palace of Auburn Hills. But liberties are taken with the material, like the fact that Artest did not fire a cannon into the crowd. Also, Austin Daye was 15 years old when that happened, and was not a member of the Detroit Pistons at the time.

Check out the madness below:

Thanks for clearing that up, guys. The only remaining question: how does this compare — in terms of ridiculousness — to NMA’s version of Tim Tebow coming to New York?

Fittingly, World Peace addressed his suspension today after the Lakers finished up practice. “It was a brutal elbow,” World Peace said. “When I seen it, I was like, ‘Ugh,’ immediately.”

Funny, that’s what I said when they showed the dude mopping up blood stains on the Pistons home floor.

[h/t BroBible]