The 2013 NBA Draft Most Likely To ____ Awards

  • Ricky Boebel

Most likely to be 30 years old – Shabazz Muhammad


Shabazz was recently found to be born in 1992, a year earlier than previously reported when he entered UCLA. This revelation sent up a bunch of red flags around the league concerning his character and the people that influence his decision making. Shabazz is going to fall to late in the lottery for this reason. Even if he may be entering his mid to late 20s, you have to root for him because “SHABAZZ” would be the single greatest name to yell into an NBA loudspeaker.

Most likely to have a sex tape leaked on the internet – Nerlens Noel

Noel is the natural successor to Greg Oden and his sexting adventures. He’s a big man who is young, injury prone and a likely candidate for the No. 1 overall pick. Let’s hope their careers don’t follow each other too closely.

Most likely to be a sportswriter – C.J.McCollum

McCollum is a four-year-starter from Lehigh University. He played a guard on the court and a journalism major in the classroom. In Bill Simmons’ “NBA Job Interview,” McCollum revealed he wanted to be in sports journalism after his NBA career. Not as a talking head, but as a writer. This is one of the reasons NBA scouts have become so enamored with him. He’s a student of the game that views basketball as an analyst and a player. He’s the Damian Lillard-type of this draft.

Most likely to get the Larry O’Brien Trophy tattooed on himself before a playoff run – Trey Burke

When I look at Trey Burke all I see is Jason Terry staring back at me. The two are both undersized, confident, outside shooters and good but not great athletes. A strong NCAA Tournament showing created unreasonably high expectation for Burke. I could see him develop into a sixth man of the year that creates instant offense off the bench for a contender.

Most likely to be a 4-time D-League MVP – Giannis Antetokounmpo (the Greek kid)

Meet Giannis Antetokounmpo:

He’s the most mysterious prospect in the Draft. He never played outside of Greece until earlier this year and NBA Scouts like to compare to Kevin Durant. The only problem is all his Youtube highlight videos are against 8th graders. He’s projected to be drafted midway through the first round and the team that takes him will be spending a lot of time watching the D-League.

Most likely to be my favorite player in this draft class – Steven Adams

Adams is a projected late lottery pick out of Pitt. He’s a seven footer with good hands, post presence and in the process of developing a jump shot. His sister, Valerie Adams, is a two-time Olympic gold medals in the shot put. He’s also from my home country of New Zealand, and therefore has my unconditional love.

Most Likely to have All-Star caliber offspring – Alex Len

Alex Len is a Ukrainian born 7-foot-1 center out the University of Maryland. Alex Len’s girlfriend is 6-foot-7 center out of the University of Maryland. The bottom line is: If I could negotiate to be the agent of his unborn baby, I would.

Most Likely to Succeed – Victor Oladipo

The only serious award in this list goes to Indiana shooting guard Victor Oladipo. He has a crazy work ethic combined with elite athleticism. For Oladipo, the worse case scenario would be turning into a great defender that can spot up for 3s when needed. The best case would be turning into Paul George, who almost led his team to the NBA finals at age 23.

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