The 21 Best #ElderlyNBA Tweets From Last Night's @Midnight Hashtag Wars

  • Jake O'Donnell

Monday through Friday, Comedy Central airs a game show-esque program hosted by Chris Hardwick — who you may know from AMC’s Talking Bad and/or Talking Dead. The concept is pretty simple: A panel of comedians make fun of the day’s trending topics on the internet, and viewers are asked to participate by tweeting puns at the show’s hashtag-of-the-night, if you will.

Last night, because the NBA Finals had just begun, the topic was #ElderlyNBA. As usual, billions of tweets poured in, combining NBA player’s names with geriatric themes.

Like “Tim Duncan Donuts social circle,” or “The Denture Nuggets.” You get the point.

We’ve combed over the most creative Twitter submissions to bring you the 21 best #ElderlyNBA tweets, because, ya know, internet lists.

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