The Anti-LeBron T-Shirt Business Is Really Booming This Time Of Year

  • Dan Fogarty

Much has been made about how LeBron James’ departure has negatively effected the economy of Cleveland, with the area around Quicken Loans Arena being hit the hardest. Well, here’s a bit of advice for suffering businesses in the state of Ohio: invest in anti-LeBron t-shirts ASAP pronto.

The hottest new accessory for the LeBron Haters Association of America is this little number from iLTHY, appropriately called “The Decision.” It depicts a smirking LeBron James (in a Heat jersey) punching MoonDog, the Cleveland Cavaliers mascot, in the stomach.

Our next item is a bit on the classless side, but you try maintaining your dignity when you’ve been betrayed by SOMEONE YOU TREATED LIKE A SON! It harps on a (likely false) rumored affair between Delonte West and LeBron’s mom.

And if hating LeBron isn’t your thing, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This shirt, which looks like it was hastily put together by a child with rudimentary design skillz, is for the Miami fan who wants to say “so what if we don’t have a complete roster?”

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